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The super fast, multithreaded
HTML browser from Ekioh

Ekioh has developed a clean room browser architecture which fully utilises all of the available processor cores and the GPU.  Our Flow Browser harnesses the combined power of each CPU core to slash page layout times.  Our GPU rasterisation delivers unrivalled graphics performance.

Flow Browser

Flow is crafted for the latest multi-core silicon.  It delivers unbeatable browser performance and has very low memory consumption.

Chrome & WebKit based browsers waste almost all the available performance of GPU enabled multi-core silicon.  Flow is different.  It makes full use of modern hardware to take performance to the next level.

Flow provides strong support for HTML, DOM and CSS from WHATWG and the W3C, to meet the requirements of demanding applications and fresh looking UIs.

Flow HTML CSS Browser
Flow is the world's fastest browser

Flow uses GPU rendering techniques from the gaming industry delivering smooth visual effects and consistently high frame rate animations.

As explained in our blog post about smoother animations, Flow can deliver over twice the frame rate of other browsers.  This means it is able to meet the exacting demands of 4K UIs and the high frame rate requirements of VR headsets whilst enabling tight management of hardware costs.

HTML layout can account for as much as half of a browser’s overall activity.  Flow dramatically improves layout performance by using multithreading to position elements simultaneously.  As explained in our blog post about improving layout performance, our new parallel multithreaded architecture cuts layout times by up to 60% on a quad-core device.

Blink and WebKit use accelerated compositing to achieve desired levels of rendering performance, but this has significant memory overheads.  At HD resolutions, cached pixmaps can account for as much as 50MB, at 4K it is over 200MB.  Flow’s innovative use of the GPU delivers richer looking UIs and more dynamic animations without the need for cached pixmaps.  As described in our blog post about graphics speed, Flow more than doubles rendering performance but only uses a fraction of the memory required for accelerated compositing.

Getting the very best performance from your hardware

Layout performance that scales with the processor’s available cores

100% rendering on the GPU

HTML & CSS3 support with continuously improving coverage
  • CSS Animations and Transitions
  • CSS Transforms (2D and 3D)
  • CSS Flexbox
  • Bi-directional text layout

ECMAScript 6 with JIT (SpiderMonkey)

NPAPI plugin support

  • Highly configurable
  • Easily tailored to meet the resource requirements for each environment and use case
  • Available for a wide variety of platforms including Linux, Android and macOS
  • SDKs include example ports
  • Sample GStreamer integration for Media APIs

Resource Requirements
  • Amazing performance from a GPU-enabled processor from just 1K DIMPS
  • Requires just 11MB of Flash memory

Content Development
  • Selenium WebDriver support for automated remote testing
  • Built in content optimisation and debug tools for desktop and remote on-target development
  • Linux and macOS desktop builds for off-target content development

Flow represents a fundamental change in browser thinking. It sets a new benchmark in browser performance.  To find out more about Flow, please email us at flow@ekioh.com.