UI Engine

Ekioh’s UI Engine combines speed, flexibility and authoring ease to provide the most compelling, open standards based, user interface engine available. Its compact size and low processing requirements make it the ideal solution for all embedded devices including televisions, set top boxes, and portable media players.

TV Browser

Ekioh’s TV Browser combines the power and versatility of WebKit with the rendering performance, compact size and portability of Ekioh technology. The Ekioh TV Browser provides extensive support for HTML5, DOM 3, CSS 3, CSS 3D, Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) and Media Source Extensions (MSE), ensuring that the display of even the most challenging sites, including YouTube, can be achieved on the TV.

Twin Engine Browser

Combining the UI performance of SVG with the ubiquity of HTML, Ekioh’s Twin Engine Browser provides the ideal solution for the seamless marriage of product UI, online content and operator delivered programming.

Embedded Browser

Ekioh’s Embedded Browser is a fully featured HTML5 WebKit browser designed for embedded operating systems including Android, BSD, Linux, Windows CE and Windows Mobile. Its compact size and rendering performance make Ekioh’s Embedded Browser the ideal solution for Enterprise computing, portable devices, point of sale equipment and IoT devices.


Embedded Analysis and Debug Tools are included as standard within the Ekioh UI Engine to enable inspection and debuging of content on the set top box within the deployment context.


Using quality fonts is one of the foundation stones of a great user interface, but font choice can often be complex and expensive. Working with some of the best font providers available, Ekioh has licensed a range of font options to suit all situations.