TV Browser

Ekioh’s TV Browser combines the power and versatility of WebKit with the rendering performance, compact size and portability of Ekioh technology. The Ekioh TV Browser provides extensive support for HTML5, DOM 3, CSS 3, CSS 3D, Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) and Media Source Extensions (MSE), ensuring that the display of even the most challenging sites, including YouTube*, can be achieved on the TV. Ekioh’s TV Browser supports 2D and 3D hardware acceleration using OpenGL (2D & 3D) or proprietary APIs (2D only) to deliver the maximum performance each platform has to offer.

Ekioh was the first of the major TV browser companies to select WebKit as the basis for its HTML solution.  Whilst all the others have now followed,  none have Ekioh’s level of experience in successfully managing the evolving WebKit core technologies to deliver a stable product which tracks the TV centric feature developments of its desktop browser counterparts.

The Ekioh TV Browser supports the HbbTV 1.5 standard when used in conjunction with the DVB stack from the DTVKit Open Software Foundation.

*YouTube certification for 2014, 2015 and 2016 has been achieved in conjunction with STB partners.

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