Twin Engine Browser

The seamless marriage of online content with broadcaster and operator delivered programming presents a unique and challenging opportunity for operators and consumer electronic product manufacturers alike.  Technologies best suited to online content delivery are relatively poor at providing an excellent UI experience whilst traditional UI tools lack the flexibility to track the ever changing pace of internet driven content.

Harnessing the power of the Ekioh UI Engine and combining that with the Ekioh TV Browser, a new and more powerful approach has been developed. The Ekioh Twin Engine UI Browser provides an unrivaled combination of rendering performance, feature availability and compact size. Beautiful and functional UIs can seamlessly guide the user between operator and online content delivering the immersive entertainment experience which underpins the TV’s success.

The Ekioh Twin Engine Browser supports the HbbTV 1.5 standard when used in conjunction with the DVB stack from the DTVKit Open Software Foundation. Combining the power of the Ekioh UI Engine with the HbbTV1.5 solution provides an ideal foundation for a compelling SmartTV proposition.

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