A fundamental rethink of browser designCrafted for multi-core siliconFlow changes everything

browser for consumer electronics

Ekioh is a specialist in the design and development of embedded browser software for consumer products. Our browser range ensures that we have an ideal solution to meet every requirement.

A range of specialist browser products

Flow Browser


Taking performance to the next level, Flow is a multithreaded HTML5 browser designed from the bottom up for multi-core silicon.

TV Browser

TV Browser

Ekioh’s TV Browser combines the rich feature set of WebKit with the rendering performance and compact size of Ekioh technology.

SVG Engine

SVG Engine

A highly efficient extremely compact SVG rendering engine delivering stunning UIs on highly cost effective hardware.

Embedded Browser

Embedded Browser

Ekioh’s Embedded Browser is a flexible, feature rich WebKit based browser specifically configured for embedded hardware.

Products to suit all types of hardware

the flow browser is designed to get the best from multi-core silicon


Ekioh’s Flow HTML5 browser has been especially crafted to harness the benefits of multi-core silicon. Utilising all available cores, including the GPU, Flow delivers stunning HD and 4K UIs.

Flow and TV Browser use all the benefits of high performance hardware

High power

Flow is able to support ultra high definition 4K HTML5 UIs on high power platforms and Ekioh’s TV Browser can deliver high quality animated UIs at HD resolutions.

the tv browser and svg engine can run on cost effective hardware

Mid range

Ekioh’s TV Browser delivers great results with optimised HTML5 UIs on mid range platforms. The SVG Engine renders responsive HD UIs with animations on mid range platforms.

the svg engine can run on very low resource hardware

Low resource

The SVG Engine provides a rich SVG UI experience, including transitions and animations on low resource platforms with or without a 2D blitter and using minimal memory.

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Please get in contact if you need any help finding the right browser for your project; we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and offer our advice.