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Flow makes HTML faster

Flow uses multithreading for page layout – multiple page elements are positioned concurrently. Flow draws HTML elements directly on the GPU – this dramatically improves rendering performance and helps keep the CPU free for faster JavaScript execution.
Smooth browser


All the CPU cores are used for page layout. Animations are smoother and glitch-free.

Fast browser


Only the GPU is used for rendering. This enables richer graphics and uses less memory.

Powerful browser


Flexbox, CSS custom properties, CSS calc(), WebGL and GPU accelerated canvas.

Flow was developed in response to both GPUs and multicore processors becoming commonplace in consumer electronics products and embedded systems. Its performance automatically scales as the number of CPU & GPU cores increases.


Desktop development builds for Android, macOS, Linux and Windows enable off-target content development. Flow has built in tools for on-target debugging and Selenium WebDriver support for product quality assurance testing.

Flow Develop
Flow browser 3rd party components


Flow integrates with the platform’s media player and includes a sample GStreamer integration providing a fast route to integrate video within the UI. NPAPI plugin support offers integration with custom platform features.


SDKs are available for various operating systems, including Android, Linux, iOS, macOS and Windows.

Product Summary

Layout performance that scales with the processor’s available cores

100% rendering on the GPU
  • Renders pages faster using less memory

  • CSS calc() and custom properties (variables)
  • CSS Transforms (2D and 3D)
  • CSS Flexbox
  • Bi-directional text layout

  • Web Fonts
  • Canvas, SVG & WebGL

  • HTML Audio & Video tags

Scripting and Storage
  • ECMAScript with JIT (SpiderMonkey)
  • Web Storage
  • Web SQL

Web Workers & Web Sockets

NPAPI plugin support

  • Available for a wide variety of platforms including Linux, Android, Raspberry Pi and Windows
  • Flexible integration including STB vendors' APIs and OpenGL ES
  • SDKs include example ports
  • Sample GStreamer integration for Media APIs

Resource Requirements
  • Smooth animations from a GPU-enabled processor with just 1K DIMPS

Content Development
  • Inbuilt content analysis and debug tools
  • Linux, macOS and Android desktop builds for off-target content development

Regular Updates
  • Improving site compatibility and feature set

Popular pages rendered in Flow


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