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The super fast, multithreaded
HTML browser from Ekioh

Flow is a totally new browser. With a fresh approach to browser design, Flow uses parallel layout to render pages faster and its smart use of the GPU means animations are smoother and more memory efficient.

Flow Browser

Flow’s design started from a clean sheet which means it isn’t held back by a historic architecture or a legacy codebase. It was developed in response to multicore processors and GPUs becoming commonplace in consumer electronics products.

Flow’s streamlined design takes full advantage of today’s processor architectures to give more responsive pages with smoother graphics and lower memory consumption.

Flow’s architecture is different in two fundamental ways.  Its ability to lay out multiple areas of the page at the same time, and its efficient use of the GPU.  These lead to faster page layout and richer animations.
Flow browser tops rendering benchmarks

Faster page layout: Flow’s parallel layout uses multithreading to position multiple page elements at the same time. By distributing each of the layout tasks across the available processor cores, Flow makes more compelling page designs possible. Its parallel layout increases visual impact without affecting animation quality.

Richer animations: Flow makes efficient use of the GPU to ensure pages are rendered quickly. By using techniques from the gaming industry, Flow achieves significantly higher frame rates than other browsers. Faster page rendering, combined with parallel layout, supports more complex animations and richer visual displays.

Flow also reduces memory consumption.  GPU rendering removes the need for memory hungry accelerated compositing which most browsers rely upon to achieve higher frame rates.  This can dramatically reduce memory usage as UI resolutions increase to 4K and above.

Flow’s versatility and performance make it suitable for an almost limitless number of uses.  Its graphics performance and efficient memory usage make it ideal for TVs, set-top boxes, embedded devices, consumer electronic products, and as an app engine for phones and tablets.

Getting the very best performance from your hardware

Layout performance that scales with the processor’s available cores

100% rendering on the GPU

HTML & CSS3 support with continuously improving coverage
  • CSS Animations and Transitions
  • CSS Transforms (2D and 3D)
  • CSS Flexbox
  • Bi-directional text layout

  • Web Fonts
  • Canvas and SVG

Scripting and Storage
  • ECMAScript with JIT (SpiderMonkey)
  • Web Storage
  • Web SQL

Web Sockets

NPAPI plugin support
  • Highly configurable
  • Easily tailored to meet the resource requirements for each environment and use case

  • Available for a wide variety of platforms including Linux, Android and macOS
  • SDKs include example ports
  • Sample GStreamer integration for Media APIs

Resource Requirements
  • Amazing performance from a GPU-enabled processor from just 1K DMIPS
  • Requires just 11MB of Flash memory

Content Development
  • Selenium WebDriver support for automated remote testing
  • Built in content optimisation and debug tools for desktop and remote on-target development
  • Linux and macOS desktop builds for off-target content development

Flow represents a fundamental change in browser thinking. It sets a new benchmark in browser performance. To find out more about Flow, please email us.