Ekioh launches the world’s first multithreaded embedded browser

Ekioh today unveiled Flow, a multithreaded HTML browser specifically designed for multi-core processors that delivers a vastly improved user experience. Flow’s layout and animation performance is more than double the speed of other browsers on multi-core silicon. With TV user interfaces increasingly looking towards 4K, Flow overcomes the performance issues of HTML UIs on multi-core processors enabling products to meet consumers’ increasingly high expectations.

Third Queen’s Award for Ekioh

Ekioh, the rendering engine technology provider to many of the world’s fastest growing TV services, has been named as a winner of a 2017 Queen’s Award for International Trade. This is the third time Ekioh has been honoured with a Queen’s Award, the UK’s highest accolade for business success.

Ekioh joins Frog by Wyplay increasing operators’ choice of browser to support high value HTML5 OTT applications.

Wyplay today welcomes Ekioh as new Licensee, joining more than 125 companies in the Frog by Wyplay Community. Ekioh is specialising in enhanced browser provision for TV and embedded devices, and brings its expertise and product offering to the Frog by Wyplay community in order to offer more choice beyond Frog’s built-in Qt-based Webkit browser for operators wanting to add high value HTML5 applications to their Frog deployments.

Third Year of Successful YouTube Certifications with Ekioh

Cambridge, UK, 16th March 2016,

Ekioh announced today that one of its leading European set top box partners has gained YouTube 2016 certification. Meeting the stringent YouTube 2016 requirements, including 4K support, marks the third successive year in which Ekioh has enabled its partners to achieve certification for YouTube on TV.

Altech Multimedia Selects Ekioh’s Twin Engine UI Browser

Cambridge, UK, 8th September 2015,

Ekioh and Altech Multimedia announced today that Altech Multimedia has selected Ekioh’s Twin Engine UI Browser for their high end DTR9401 IPTV set top box. The set top box, which successfully blends operator managed programming with OTT content has already been selected by a rapidly expanding Middle Eastern network operator.

DTVKit Increases Choice with Ekioh’s Browser

Bristol, UK, 4th June 2015,

DTVKit, providers of the core building blocks of a royalty free broadcast DVB and HbbTV solution, today announced that their HbbTV 1.5 solution is now available on the Ekioh TV Browser. This provides the industry with a commercially sourced browser and the availability of the first turn-key HbbTV solution together with Ekioh. The joint solution offers enhanced performance and size advantages over the Qt based browser, which is typically used with the DTVKit HbbTV solution.

Ekioh receives a second Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Cambridge, UK, 21st April 2015,

Ekioh has been named as a winner of a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category – the UK’s highest accolade for business success.

Ekioh, an acknowledged leader in Scalable Vector Graphics and TV Browser technology, has won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation for successfully enabling the delivery of visually compelling user interfaces on cost effective set top box technology.

ZTE Selects Ekioh’s Twin Engine UI Browser

Cambridge, UK, 14th April 2015,

Ekioh is pleased to announce that ZTE has selected its Twin Engine UI Browser for their next generation cost-effective IPTV set top boxes. The joint solution has already been successful in securing the next phase of a rapidly expanding European network operator’s rollout.

Infomir Selects Ekioh’s Twin Engine UI Browser

Cambridge, UK, 10th March 2015,

Ekioh is pleased to announce that Infomir has selected its Twin Engine UI Browser for their popular range of MAG set top boxes.

Ekioh’s Twin Engine UI Browser combines the UI performance of SVG with the ubiquity of HTML5 to deliver an unrivalled combination of rendering performance, feature availability and compact size. Beautiful and functional UIs can seamlessly guide the user between operator and online content delivering the immersive entertainment experience that underpins the TV’s success.

Zenterio implements Ekioh’s HTML5 browser for improved user experience

Stockholm, Sweden, 20th November 2014

Zenterio, which develops an independent software platform for interactive TV, announces that the company has added Ekioh’s HTML5 TV Browser to the range of products integrated within Zenterio OS.

Ekioh’s TV Browser provides Zenterio with a wide range of HTML5 features including the ability to support HTML5 middleware and render the latest OTT portals from within their TV operating system UI. Its extremely compact footprint and excellent rendering performance ensure that valuable system resources are carefully managed.

Ekioh Receives a Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Cambridge, UK, 21st April 2014

Ekioh, best known as the provider of the most widely deployed TV-centric Scalable Vector Graphics engine, wins the Queen’s Award for International Trade having grown overseas earnings by 216% over the last three years. The company was recognised for its unique products, technical excellence and effective business relationships.

Dune HD Partners with Ekioh for High End User Interface Performance

Cambridge, UK, 21st January 2014

Ekioh is pleased to announce that Dune HD has deployed its twin rendering engine technology on their most popular TV series set top boxes, opening the market for advanced middleware implementations featuring high graphics performance.

Dune HD selected Ekioh’s twin engine solution because it allows middleware providers to exploit the optimal performance of Ekioh SVG for user interface display in combination with Ekioh’s WebKit based HTML5 engine for third party web content. The resulting performance and flexibility provides Dune HD customers with an unparalleled rendering solution based upon open standards.

Ekioh Adds Selenium Support to SVG

Cambridge, UK, 15th April 2013

Ekioh announced today that it has added support for the Selenium WebDriver framework to its most widely deployed TV compliant Scalable Vector Graphics engine. This allows the Ekioh SVG engine to be remotely controlled and queried for information from a variety of different client languages which enables middleware providers and content authors to conduct automated content testing.

Currently supported Selenium features include getting and setting of the page location, key event injection, the querying of elements and attributes, grabbing screenshots, and the execution of JavaScript.

RiksTV Uses Ekioh Engines to Launch OTT Services in Norway

Cambridge, UK, 20th November 2012

Ekioh, providers of the most widely deployed TV compliant Scalable Vector Graphics engine, today announced that RiksTV have launched a range of new services in Norway using Ekioh’s SVG & HTML engines. The Ekioh engines are at the heart of two new digital hybrid set-top boxes manufactured by Strong which are being sold to Norwegian customers through the retail market.

By offering two rendering technologies, SVG & HTML, RiksTV have been able to provide the best possible scope for their content partners. Visually rich and highly animated applications are written in SVG; whereas, more static applications are authored in HTML.

NAGRA Confirms Ekioh for Next Generation OpenTV 5 Multi-Service Client Platform

Cambridge, UK, 30th October 2012

Ekioh, providers of the most widely deployed TV compliant Scalable Vector Graphics engine, today announced that NAGRA has extended their partnership to include the next generation OpenTV 5 multi-service client platform.

OpenTV 5 re-defines the role of TV middleware to embrace multi-screen, multi-device and multi-network environments under a single offering. An open development environment using HTML5 and SVG is at the heart of this new approach enabling accelerated innovation and rapid application development.

AirTies partners with Ekioh to deliver optimal User experience

Istanbul, 22nd March 2011 – AirTies, the innovative wireless networking vendor, is announcing a strategic partnership with Ekioh who design innovative user interfaces (UIs) and browsers for embedded systems like set-top boxes. AirTies will be previewing set-top boxes running the Ekioh UIs and browsers, designed to offer ease of use and a better interactive experience for graphics and animation, on stand number 27 at this year’s IPTV World Forum event.

Accedo Broadband and Ekioh introduce the world’s first 3D games for IPTV

London, March 21 2011 – Accedo Broadband, the leading provider of IPTV and Connected TV applications, and Ekioh, the cutting-edge provider of browsers and SVG engines have announced the availability of casual games in 3D using Ekioh’s latest SVG software.

“We are thrilled about the new possibilities of 3D applications.” commented Michael Lantz, CEO, Accedo Broadband. “The innovative Ekioh team has added some astounding features by allowing for stereoscopic 3D effects in the application layer. Games are great examples of applications that benefit from this functionality”.

Ekioh Puts User Interface Development Into Perspective

Ekioh, providers of the most widely deployed TV compliant Scalable Vector Graphics engine, today announced the launch of stereoscopic 3D SVG functionality allowing user interfaces to exploit the full potential of 3D TV.

Ekioh’s stereoscopic 3D SVG retains the speed and memory efficiency that has earned the company its premiere status. In addition to the latest 3D TV models and leading edge set top boxes, Ekioh’s 3D SVG engine also enables stereoscopic user interfaces to be supported on many legacy set top boxes, including those without 3D hardware acceleration. This allows operators to provide an enhanced viewing experience without having to deploy new hardware. User interfaces can also be implemented which support both 2D and 3D viewing from a single content base enabling significant content development savings.

BeeSmart achieves a 300% customer growth in just 12 months

BeeSmart, the acknowledged interactive TV solution provider for service operators and Ekioh, a leading developer of compelling end user interface engines, are proud to announce a fast growing number of IPTV users on SVG based client technology. The companies report that there are already over 130,000 end-users running BeeSmart middleware clients and the Ekioh SVG UI Engine.

This outstanding achievement represents more than 300% growth over last year’s figures, which is a result of excellent team performance, modern software design and the right mix of partners involved in IPTV projects.

Dreampark and Ekioh Partner to Deliver 3D User Interfaces

AMSTERDAM, IBC 2009 (September 11, 2009)

Dreampark, one of the leading IPTV middleware providers in the European market and Ekioh, a leading developer of compelling end user interface engines, announced today a partnership that will bring 3D user interfaces to consumers.

Both companies have built their core product offering on future proof technology including Web 2.0 standards and flexible and open user interfaces. Dreampark’s flagship middleware product Dreamgallery, their SVG client and Ekioh’s user interface (UI) solutions for embedded systems together create a platform that enables operators to easily customize their user interface to the specifications they need for their target demographic.

Ekioh version 3 offers Advanced 3D and Mobile UIs at IBC2009

Cambridge, UK, 10th September 2009

Ekioh today announced Ekioh SVG UI Engine version 3, the latest release of the standards-compliant UI engine. New functionality includes 3D support, three-screen content delivery, and a powerful debugger. Significant speed optimisations have also been made, together with increased SVG compliance.

“With 3D acceleration finally on the horizon for STBs, it is the ideal time to make use of its potential,” said Piers Wombwell, CEO of Ekioh. “We’ve listened to our partners’ suggestions and have enhanced our solution to work across an increased range of devices, including Macs, PCs and Symbian phones.”

Accedo adopt SVG and creates next generation TV experience

Stockholm, Sweden, 5 September 2008

Accedo Broadband today announced that the company has teamed up with Ekioh, an embedded UI engine developer based in the UK. As a result of the new partnership, the leading Accedo Application Portfolio will support the new and exciting SVG technology that by many industry professionals is seen as the natural successor to current browser technologies.

“Ekioh has managed to build a high performance SVG engine that renders visually stunning and responsive UIs and graphics at impressive speeds. This new engine is outperforming current browser based technology by far”, commented Michael Lantz, CEO, Accedo Broadband.

Ekioh UI Engine integral part of latest Freewire IPTV STB service

Cambridge, UK, 3rd September 2008

Ekioh today announced that the Inuk Networks Freewire IPTV service, running on STBs using the Ekioh UI Engine, has been rolled out in several locations across the UK. The Ekioh UI Engine utilises the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) open standard from the W3C, to provide a fast, flexible and customisable user experience.

Zignal UI Speed Increases Tenfold with Ekioh’s SVG Browser

London, UK, 8th May 2008

Industria announced today that the company has teamed up with Ekioh, a leading browser developer based in the UK, to further streamline and improve the efficiency of the Zignal client. Ekioh will provide an SVG browser on top of which Industria’s IPTV Zignal client will run, a combination that first debuted at the IPTV World Forum this spring.

Zignal is a software platform for screen-based entertainment and information services on fixed, mobile and converged networks. The platform’s user interface significantly improves interactivity with users, and enables operators to deliver new revenue streams on fixed, mobile and converged networks.

Ekioh launches fastest Open-Standard User Interface for Set Top Boxes

Cambridge, UK, 5th September 2007

Ekioh will be premièring the fastest open standards based User Interface for Set Top Boxes at IBC 2007. Based on the W3C Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) open standard, the Ekioh User Interface (UI) Engine offers a remarkable 25 frames per second ensuring exceptional user experiences.

The Ekioh UI Engine combines flexibility and performance in a way never before seen in the set top box market. The SVG animation features and JavaScript controls ensure that the user interface display runs smoothly and reliably, minimising user frustration with the all too commonly slow, clunky and unreliable set top box interfaces.