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TV Middleware & EPGs

Viewers expect a highly responsive user interface that quickly and easily guides them to the programming they want to watch. The demand for an engaging experience encompassing more onscreen information mixed with cover art continually pushes operators to adopt higher resolution UIs that match the video resolution.

With each step change in UI resolution, the availability of cost effective hardware is a key factor influencing rendering technology selection. Maintaining or extending the life of existing and deployed products, can result in the need to switch rendering technologies to more efficient alternatives.

For standard definition, HTML firmly established itself as the flexible alternative to natively coded UIs, but many operators quickly switched to Ekioh’s SVG Engine using SVG to deploy high definition services. Its speed and compact size has helped bring responsive HD resolution UIs to hardware previously only capable of a reasonable experience in SD.

Since Ekioh’s foundation in 2006, STB performance has increased more than fivefold, making it practical to use HTML TV Browser solutions for HD UIs. Coupled with the demand for multi-platform availability and the desire to support additional third party services, HTML has once again become established as the rendering technology of choice.

With the shift to 4K, Flow brings the step change in performance necessary to deliver stunning ultra high resolution UIs in HTML.

Ekioh’s SVG Engine, TV Browser and Flow provide the browser solution flexibility needed to deliver sustained success in a rapidly changing market. Many of the world’s fastest growing TV networks use Ekioh technology.

On Demand Catalogues

Rapidly flipping through cover art and pausing to find out more about titles that catch the eye, is the key to turning an enjoyable browsing experience into a VoD transaction. A responsive and engaging catalogue that is quick to navigate increases the likelihood that viewers will spot a title they have an interest in.

The speed of Ekioh’s browser solutions help deliver an excellent, graphically rich user experience where viewers can move seamlessly between linear, pre-recorded and on-demand services.

OTT Services

OTT services are delivered over the open internet directly to the viewer’s connected device. Whilst the majority of OTT revenue is comprised of video services from companies like YouTube, there is also a vast library of information and entertainment apps.

Partnering with a wide range of OTT application houses including Accedo, Foxuum, Sixty and YouTube, Ekioh’s TV Browser solutions provide the performance and memory management that enables the majority of OTT Apps to be used on very low cost hardware.

For operators who want to supplement their own service offerings with third party OTT apps, the combination of Ekioh’s SVG Engine and TV Browser in a Twin Engine configuration can be used to provide a the seamless transition back and forth between operator and OTT services.

HbbTV & Catch-up

Hybrid broadcast broadband TV (HbbTV) is now firmly established as the channel provider’s preferred technology for supplementing their video streams with additional information and applications. Increasingly HbbTV is also being used as a basis for providing additional IP delivered programming and catch-up services.

With the vast array of consumer electronic devices now looking to support HbbTV features, it’s clear that a ‘one size fits all’ approach lacks the flexibility necessary for each platform provider to get the very best out of their hardware investment. To provide flexibility across the integration spectrum, Ekioh adopts a partnership model with HbbTV client stack providers providing a range of solutions from turnkey through to bespoke.

To complete the service delivery picture, Ekioh’s partnerships with TV Application providers including Accedo, Foxxum & Sixty provide a wealth of off-the-shelf applications which can quickly be localised as necessary and brought to market.

Hotel Systems

With the rapid increase in tablet computers and mobile phones, it’s increasingly important for hotel operators to resist being relegated to providers of a “simple bed and WiFi” offer. A good in-room entertainment system can be as important in maintaining a positive customer relationship as friendly staff and a welcoming lobby. In-room entertainment is a direct reflection of the hotel’s brand value and so it’s important to get it right.

Hotel systems represent a significant investment for any operator. The flexibility and performance of Ekioh technology enables hotel system providers to deliver visually compelling, personalised solutions using cost effective hardware. Ekioh’s products are used to combine information services, TV and on-demand programming to deliver an engaging customer experience which helps drive service uptake.

In-room integration with the hotel’s Property Management System, enables self service and, when coupled with localised advertising, helps promotes hotel services such as in-room dining. It’s not surprising therefore to know that Ekioh’s technology is increasingly being sought out by innovative hotel systems providers.

Digital Signage

Digital signage provides the opportunity to replace static advertising and information with eye-catching dynamic displays. By incorporating moving images, video, TV, scrolling text and compelling marketing messages, digital signage delivers a significantly greater impact than traditional displays. The ability to be able to rapidly change signage contents also allows a single display space to be used to convey many messages, considerably increasing the value of that space.

In order to deliver compelling, visually enticing displays in a cost effective manner, system reliability and equipment costs are key factors. The performance and low memory requirements of Ekioh’s Flow Browser are an ideal fit for the digital signage market enabling set top box and digital television technology to be used to deliver ultra high resolution, dynamic and fully animated displays.

Enterprise Computing

Next time you sign for a parcel, or use the self scan facilities at your local supermarket, there’s a good chance you’ll be using Ekioh technology. As point of sale and workforce management tools extend into all corners of our daily lives, manufacturers have recognised the need for fast reliable rendering technology across a wide range of resource constrained devices.

Ekioh’s Embedded Browser products provide a rich feature set within an extremely compact footprint combined with excellent memory management and high performance rendering. Desktop development and remote debugging tools are included to complement manufacturer led development ecosystems. Ekioh’s Embedded Browser products are available for a range of operating systems including Android, Linux, WindowsCE and Windows Mobile.

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