SVG Engine

SVG Engine

The high performance, standards based
SVG engine from Ekioh

Ekioh’s SVG Engine combines speed, flexibility and authoring ease.  Its compact size and low processing requirements make it the most compelling open standards based user interface engine available.  It is the ideal solution for all embedded devices including televisions, set top boxes and portable media players.

SVG Engine

SVG is a graphical markup language from the W3C.  It is highly efficient and easy to understand. SVG uses vector images to display objects rather than using bitmaps . These vector images can be scaled to any size without loss of resolution meaning that your user interface design looks great whatever the screen size.

SVG engine
smooth animation

The engine supports both SVG animations and CSS transitions.  Its inbuilt graphics library has been optimised to use 2D hardware acceleration.  This means full screen animations still look smooth, even on extremely low power silicon.  3D hardware acceleration is also supported on GPU enabled hardware.  Hardware acceleration frees the processing load from the CPU which ensures UIs remain responsive during animations.

Ekioh’s SVG Engine has content optimisation and debug tools built in.  These can be used to inspect and debug content on the device whether that’s in the lab, or within the deployment network.  This means that issues can be isolated faster because the environmental differences between test systems and the deployment can be removed. It also means that issue resolutions are guaranteed to work in the field.

Desktop builds are available on Linux, macOS and Windows. The engine also includes an inbuilt Selenium WebDriver interface which means that automated testing can be achieved at both unit and system levels.

For applications including third party HTML content, the engine can be used together with Ekioh’s TV Browser.  This enables the integration of multiple third party HTML applications and content into a single managed UI experience.

Product Summary

SVG Tiny 1.2 with many SVG Full 1.1 enhancements
  • CSS 2.1 Style Sheets and CSS 3 Media Queries
  • Bi-directional text layout

Scripting & Storage
  • ECMAScript with JIT (SpiderMonkey)
  • Web SQL
  • Web Storage
  • Geolocation

Web Workers & Web Sockets

  • Hardware accelerated compositing
  • CSS Transforms (2D and 3D)
  • Off-main thread image decoding
NPAPI plugin support

  • Available for a wide variety of platforms including Linux, Android and Windows
  • Built in graphics library for compact footprint and optimal rendering performance
  • 2D and 3D hardware acceleration support
  • SDKs include example ports
  • Sample GStreamer integration for Media APIs

Resource Requirements
  • Highly responsive UIs on processors from just 0.5K DIMPS

Content Development
  • Selenium WebDriver support for automated remote testing
  • Built in content optimisation and debug tools
  • Windows, macOS & Linux desktop builds for off-target content development

Ekioh has been providing the TV and set top box industry with SVG rendering solutions since 2006. Our SVG Engine is deployed in millions of homes and businesses throughout the world.

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