TV Browser

TV Browser

The compact, feature rich, WebKit based
browser from Ekioh

The TV Browser combines Ekioh’s speed and compact size, with WebKit’s features and versatility.  It provides strong support for HTML5 standards meaning that even the most challenging UIs and OTT services can be displayed on TVs and set top boxes.

TV Browser

Ekioh’s TV Browser provides both low processor usage and low memory consumption.  Its footprint is just 24MB, including the graphics library.  This means it delivers rich HTML5 feature support in a fraction of the footprint of other browsers.

The browser supports both OpenGL ES and 2D blitter options which ensures hardware acceleration support, even if no GPU is available.  Our ports also make best use of scarce resources by working with the platform’s memory management features.  System memory pressure APIs enable forced memory recovery if platform resources become critically low.

Linux and Android hardware accelerated examples make porting quick and easy.  A GStreamer sample also provides a rapid media player integration option.

The TV Browser can be used together with Ekioh’s SVG Engine for applications that need that extra sparkle.  This enables the mixing of UI widgets and HTML content from multiple sources into a single managed UI experience.

Desktop builds are available on Linux, macOS and Windows. Using these, content developers and system integrators can test their content without needing access to deployment hardware. On-target content debugging is also possible using the web inspector option.

A compact, feature rich HTML5 browser

Supports HTML5 & CSS3
  • CSS Animations and Transitions
  • CSS Transforms (2D and 3D)
  • Bi-directional text layout

  • Web Fonts
  • Canvas, WebGL and SVG

  • Media Source Extensions (MSE) & Encrypted Media Extensions (EME)
  • HTML5 Audio & Video tags, WebAudio
  • WebVTT Text Tracks

Scripting, Storage and Offline
  • ECMAScript with JIT
  • Web Storage
  • Web SQL
  • Application Cache

Web Workers & Web Sockets

  • NPAPI plugin support

  • Highly configurable
  • Easily tailored to meet the resource requirements for each environment and use case

  • Available for a wide variety of platforms including Linux, Android and Windows
  • Flexible integration including STB vendors' APIs, DirectFB and OpenGL ES
  • SDKs include example ports
  • Sample GStreamer integration for Media APIs

Resource Requirements
  • Requires just 24MB Flash (including graphics library) and a minimum of 25MB of RAM
  • Delivers excellent results on processors of 2K+ DMIPS with or without a GPU

Content Development
  • Web Inspector content development tools
  • Windows, macOS & Linux desktop builds for off target content development

Ekioh has been providing the TV and set top box industry with WebKit based browser solutions since 2006. Our browsers are deployed in millions of homes, rendering content in over 30 countries and across 4 continents. We have unmatched experience in managing the evolving WebKit core technologies to deliver success.

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