Ekioh Puts User Interface Development Into Perspective

Ekioh, providers of the most widely deployed TV compliant Scalable Vector Graphics engine, today announced the launch of stereoscopic 3D SVG functionality allowing user interfaces to exploit the full potential of 3D TV.

Ekioh’s stereoscopic 3D SVG retains the speed and memory efficiency that has earned the company its premiere status. In addition to the latest 3D TV models and leading edge set top boxes, Ekioh’s 3D SVG engine also enables stereoscopic user interfaces to be supported on many legacy set top boxes, including those without 3D hardware acceleration. This allows operators to provide an enhanced viewing experience without having to deploy new hardware. User interfaces can also be implemented which support both 2D and 3D viewing from a single content base enabling significant content development savings.

“Until now, anyone wanting to implement a 3D user interface either had to hard code it, or use restrictive post rendering techniques”, said Ekioh CEO, Piers Wombwell. “By adding stereoscopic 3D capabilities into our SVG engine, interface developers are able switch between 2D and 3D views of their UIs to match the accompanying video content. This provides a seamless experience for customers scanning through the mixed dimension channel line up that many operators have today.”

Building the 3D rendering capabilities into the engine itself, has also enabled Ekioh to support visually compelling effects such as depth rotation and planar skewing which cannot be achieved with post rendering techniques.

“Since 3D transmissions first began, operators have been aware of problems of combining 2D and 3D elements together on the same screen”, said Stephen Reeder, Commercial Director, Ekioh. “Closed Captioning in particular has highlighted the issue of maintaining depth perception when dealing with multiple sources and we are delighted to have been able to demonstrate once again that using Scalable Vector Graphics provides the most cost effective and future proof rendering solution available”.

Additional information contact:
Stephen Reeder: info@ekioh.com; http://www.ekioh.com

About Ekioh

Ekioh designs and develops user interface software for embedded systems. Our products cover the wide range of UIs needed on consumer devices. Based in Cambridge, UK, Ekioh makes it easy to develop compelling user interfaces for consumer devices. The Ekioh team has many years of experience developing user interface software for embedded systems, including JVMs and JavaTV, HTML and SVG and has used this experience to develop the most advanced user interface rendering engine yet, the Ekioh SVG Engine.