Specialist Browser Products

Highly successful products share a common theme, their owners love to use them.  The UX is at the heart of the relationship between customer and product.  Ekioh provides a specialist range of compact, high performance browser products which deliver the best possible UX on even the most resource constrained hardware.


Ekioh’s multi-core HTML browser leads the way into a new era of high performance with low resource requirements.  It dramatically improves layout performance by using multithreading to position elements simultaneously.  Because Flow is also designed to use GPU rendering, it can deliver over twice the frame rate of other browsers.

Flow uses the latest open standards from WHATWG and the W3C, to provide extensive support for HTML, DOM and CSS.

TV Browser

The Ekioh TV Browser provides extensive support for HTML, CSS 3, and CSS 3D.  This ensures that even the most challenging UIs will look great on the TV.  Uniquely, Ekioh’s TV Browser supports both 2D blitter and OpenGL ES acceleration options to deliver maximum performance on all types of hardware.

Ekioh was the first of the major TV browser companies to select WebKit as the basis for its HTML solution.  Others have followed, but none have Ekioh’s length of experience in successfully managing the evolving WebKit core technologies.

SVG Engine

The Ekioh SVG Engine delivers a fresh, modern, user experience on legacy hardware.  Older set top boxes often lack the capabilities to deliver an excellent customer experience using HTML technologies.  Fortunately, Ekioh’s SVG Engine enables the delivery of a unified customer experience across both old and new products.  This means that writing off the investment in deployed customer premises equipment is no longer the only option.

The SVG Engine uses Scalable Vector Graphics together with the latest open standards from WHATWG and the W3C to breathe new life into existing products.

Ekioh’s SVG Engine can be used in conjunction with its TV Browser in a Twin Engine configuration to combine the UI performance of SVG with the ubiquity of HTML.

Embedded Browser

Ekioh’s extensive experience in developing fast, compact WebKit solutions comes from one of the toughest environments there is, the TV market.  It was the first major TV browser company to select WebKit as the basis for a feature rich HTML solution.

Businesses and consumers increasingly expect products to deliver the additional functionality and remote information that connection to the Cloud offers.  In response, Ekioh has moved beyond TV to deliver the core benefits of performance, size and reliability to the embedded marketplace.

Ekioh’s Embedded Browser supports a range of embedded operating systems including Android, BSD, Linux, Windows CE & Windows Mobile.