Benchmarking browser performance for TV

When it comes to comparing browser performance relying on most readily available benchmarks can cause confusion. For a good TV experience benchmarking the smoothness of the UI’s animations is key.

Smoother animations, Faster apps

Stephen Reeder, Ekioh

I am generally pretty disappointed with the performance of the applications on my TV and discussions with friends and colleagues confirm I’m not alone. I started to look around and see if anyone had done some rigorous research on the subject.

Improving HTML browser layout performance

Ekioh’s Flow browser exploits the benefits of multi-core. HTML layout performance is dramatically improved by using multithreading to distribute page layout across all the processor cores.

Better HTML performance with less memory

Browsers can save huge amounts of memory by using graphics techniques from the gaming industry. Using the GPU, Ekioh’s Flow browser delivers smooth high performance animations without the need for memory hungry cached bitmaps.