Ekioh version 3 offers Advanced 3D and Mobile UIs at IBC2009

Cambridge, UK, 10th September 2009

Ekioh today announced Ekioh SVG UI Engine version 3, the latest release of the standards-compliant UI engine. New functionality includes 3D support, three-screen content delivery, and a powerful debugger. Significant speed optimisations have also been made, together with increased SVG compliance.

“With 3D acceleration finally on the horizon for STBs, it is the ideal time to make use of its potential,” said Piers Wombwell, CEO of Ekioh. “We’ve listened to our partners’ suggestions and have enhanced our solution to work across an increased range of devices, including Macs, PCs and Symbian phones.”

The latest version of the Ekioh SVG UI Engine can make use of APIs such as OpenGL ES to render compelling UIs enriched with high-speed 3D effects, utilising the very latest generation of set-top box chipsets. Authors can create animated 3D effects using either SVG animations (SMIL) or ECMAScript based on the current W3C SVG Transforms working draft.

Three-screen support, together with SVG’s scalable technology, enables operators to deliver UIs and video with a consistent appearance and with minimal effort across TVs, desktops, and mobile phones. SVG is perfectly suited to the challenge of high quality rendering across a large variety of device screen sizes.

The new Ekioh debugger is ideal for working with dynamic content created using AJAX technologies and tracking down complex errors. It even allows on-the-fly modifications of the DOM tree to try out new ideas. Additionally, authors can run built-in DOM methods and the application’s own methods using a fully interactive ECMAScript console.

Ekioh UI Engine version 3 will be showcased at IBC 2009 powering numerous middleware stacks, plus a range of games and Web 2.0 applications on the Accedo booth, IP621.

About Ekioh

Ekioh designs and develops user interface software for embedded systems. The Ekioh UI Engine delivers fast, responsive user interfaces based on the SVG standard, and the Ekioh Browser is an advanced web browser supporting the latest HTML standards.

Based in Cambridge, UK, Ekioh makes it easy to develop compelling user interfaces for consumer devices. The Ekioh team has many years of experience developing user interface software for embedded systems, including JVMs and JavaTV, HTML and SVG.

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