HwaCom Systems Inc selects Ekioh for large scale Taiwanese IPTV deployment

Cambridge, UK, 6th November 2012

Ekioh, providers of the most widely deployed TV compliant Scalable Vector Graphics engine, today announced that HwaCom Systems Inc., the leading broadband system integrator in Taiwan has licensed its UI engine technology for use in the Chunghwa Telecom deployment.

The agreement, which covers both Ekioh’s SVG and HTML5 engines follows HwaCom’s successful competition of Chunghwa Telecom’s open tendering process for extending their IPTV network which currently serves over 1 million customers. Within the Chunghwa deployment, a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) based user interface is used for time crticial functions such as rendering the programme guide and HTML is used for “off-net” third party applications such as Google’s YouTube.

HwaCom selected Ekioh because of the company’s experience and the rich feature set of their engines. “Ekioh’s knowledge and long standing relationship with Ericsson who provide the CHT middleware was very important to us”, said Alex Huang, VP HwaCom, “we are also very happy with the on going support they provide.”

“The performance of our engines was also a key factor in winning this contract”, said Stephen Reeder, Commercial Director at Ekioh, “Chunghwa have a large number of older set tops which can be upgraded to use the Ericsson middleware thanks to the performance advantage our engines provide.”

This HwaCom agreement is the latest in a growing number of deployments where SVG technology has been used alongside HTML to deliver superior performance and visual impact in the delivery of high quality user interfaces.

About Ekioh

Ekioh designs and develops user interface software for embedded systems. The Ekioh SVG UI Engine delivers fast, responsive user interfaces based on the SVG standard. Ekioh’s partners include Albis, Amino, Beenius, Ericsson, HubTech, MitraStar, Motorola Mobility, Nagravision, Sagem, Technotrend and Zenterio.

Based in Cambridge, UK, Ekioh (www.ekioh.com) makes it easy to develop compelling user interfaces for consumer devices. The Ekioh team has many years of experience developing user interface software for embedded systems, including JVMs and JavaTV, HTML and SVG.

About HwaCom

HwaCom is the leading broadband system integrator and supplier of mobile, fixed and IP networks related services as well as multimedia applications. In addition, with the partnerships of major international leading IT companies, HwaCom provides the most comprehensive broadband application integration service covered Datacom, Telecom and Media industries from infrastructure to application to fulfil the requirement of enterprises and residential services in the whole Taiwan island.