Infomir Selects Ekioh’s Twin Engine UI Browser

Cambridge, UK, 10th March 2015,

Ekioh is pleased to announce that Infomir has selected its Twin Engine UI Browser for their popular range of MAG set top boxes.

Ekioh’s Twin Engine UI Browser combines the UI performance of SVG with the ubiquity of HTML5 to deliver an unrivalled combination of rendering performance, feature availability and compact size. Beautiful and functional UIs can seamlessly guide the user between operator and online content delivering the immersive entertainment experience that underpins the TV’s success.

Infomir has firmly established itself as a stable, reliable and cost effective solution provider to the IPTV industry. Infomir selected Ekioh because its extensive product features and excellent support made them the ideal partner to help further their progress.

“In both our home and emerging markets such as LATAM and Africa, customers want flexible solutions at economically viable prices”, said Traian Triboi at Infomir. “Ekioh’s twin engine technology helps us provide solutions to support sustainable growth as the industry evolves in these markets.”

“We’re delighted to be working with Infomir”, said Stephen Reeder, Commercial Director at Ekioh. “Our companies share the common goal of providing our customers with excellent products at competitive prices and I am sure we’ll enjoy considerable success together.”

Ekioh’sTwin Engine UI Browser also includes a number of built-in content development tools enabling remote access, debugging and content performance optimisation which will speed the time to market for Infomir’s customers and middleware partners.”

About Ekioh

Ekioh designs and develops user interface software for embedded systems. Ekioh’s products include the Ekioh UI Engine whichdelivers fast, responsive user interfaces based upon the SVG standard; the Ekioh TV Browser which supports the latest HTML5 features in a highly compact footprint; and the Ekioh Twin Engine Browser which fuses UI performance and HTML5 features to create the ideal embedded browser. Ekioh’s partners include Albis, Amino, Arris, Beenius, Dune HD, Ericsson, Nagravision, Sagem, Technotrend, Zebra technologies and Zenterio.

Based in Cambridge, UK, Ekioh ( makes it easy to develop compelling user interfaces for consumer devices. The Ekioh team has many years of experience developing user interface software for embedded systems, including JVMs and JavaTV, HTML and SVG. In April 2014, Ekioh was recognised with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

About Infomir

Infomir is a European manufacturer of equipment and software for the IPTV/OTT/VOD market specialising in design, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance of equipment and end-user devices for the modern broadband digital services.

Infomir offers the best cost effective solutions for starting an IPTV/OTT/VOD business with its flagship products: MAG series of high quality modern set-top boxes and free Middleware Stalker. The solution is suitable for large providers with large subscriber base as well as smaller local ones with smaller budgets.

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